Offshore Hosts

The Pros and Cons of entrusting your website to a foreign server

Websites are now global entities

One of the first questions most new ecommerce entrepreneurs ask themselves when starting an online business is, Should I host my website on a domestic server or an offshore one? For many, this seems like an irrelevant question because they don’t understand what it means to host your site on an offshore host in the first place. That’s understandable – it can be hard to predict how something will affect your business before you really know what that thing is or how it works !

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What is an offshore host

An offshore hosting company provides you with web space that is hosted...

The pros of using an offshore host

Offshore hosting offers many benefits. For one, it can be cheaper than hosting in the US or Europe.

The cons of using an offshore host

One downside to using offshore hosts is the fact they are sometimes difficult to find.


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